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The Abella Wave Velvet Remi Weave

The Velvet Remi weave texture called Abella Wave is great curly looking weave that comes in a variety of colors that are sure to suit your needs.  At this time, this Velvet Remi weave is only available in a ten inch length, but it is still a very popular weave.   Many people find that this weave is fun to wear and easy to take care of on a daily basis.  Abella Wave Velvet Remi weave hair looks like it is your own healthy, shiny hair and it feels just as soft as your natural hair, too.  This is definitely a top notch human hair product.


Just like all of the other Velvet Remi weaves, Abella Wave will retain its luxurious soft texture even when it is styled with heated tools such as blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons.  In fact, it can even be subjected to perm solutions, hair dyes and bleaching without showing any negative effects.  The reason that all of this is possible is the fact that the strands of human hairs used for all of the Velvet Remi weaves are of the very highest quality.  The people that grow the hair on their heads do not do anything, such as perm or color, the hair so that it does not get damaged during growth.  They also take really good care of their physical health so that their hair grows healthy and strong.  If they did not eat right or in some other way not take care of their health, their strands of hair might not develop properly due to lack of the nutrients that they need and get from the body.  This could cause the outer layer, or cuticles, of the hair shafts to be malformed or weak and the hair would become brittle and broken.  Poor quality hair is not accepted for use in the making of the Abella Wave or other Velvet Remi weaves.  By using healthy, strong, and youthful hair at the beginning of the process of making the Abella Wave and other Velvet Remi weaves, the end products are extremely strong and durable so that they will last a long time and definitely be worth purchasing.


The Abella Wave Velvet Remi weave is so well made that it can be uninstalled and reused without any problems of shedding and tangling that can often happen with weaves that are made with human hair strands that are of a lesser quality.

The Euro Body Velvet Remi Weave

The Velvet Remi weave texture called Euro Body is a loose wavy looking weave that comes in both twelve and fourteen inch lengths and more than half a dozen hair colors.  It has just enough body for those people that prefer something more than a straight weave and less than a curly one.  It is available to be purchased both online and at just about any neighborhood beauty supply store for around eighty dollars each.  This thin, double weft weave texture is not prone to shedding or tangling like some of the other similar looking weaves on the market.


The Euro Body Velvet Remi weave texture is made of the most luxurious human hair strands that have ever been used to make hair enhancement products.  These remi human hair strands are very healthy and strong when they are collected from the heads of the young, healthy people that grew them.  During the entire process of making these perfect human hairs into Velvet Remi Euro Body texture weaves, the strands of hair are kept with the cuticles aligned in one direction to prevent them from becoming tangled while you are wearing your weave.  This helps your Euro Body Velvet Remi weave last much longer than some of the other weaves with a similar texture.  In fact, your Velvet Remi Euro Body weave will continue to look exceptional and feel great much longer than is normally expected from a weave.  If you prefer, you can even ask your hair stylist to carefully remove your Euro Body Velvet Remi weave when it is time to uninstall it and you will be able to reuse it another time or two.


Just like your natural hair, the hair strands of your Euro Body Velvet Remi weave can be styled with heated tools such as a blow dryer, a curling iron, or a straightener.  If you want a new style that is going to last a little longer, you can even have your hair stylist perm your weave using the same products that she would use on your natural hair.  Another way that you can change the look of your Euro Body Velvet Remi weave is to alter the color by bleaching it or using hair coloring.  No matter which of these alterations you perform on your weave, you will still have very soft, supple strands of hair that are healthy looking and full of luster.

The Euro Deep Velvet Remi Weave

As the name implies, the Euro Deep Velvet Remi weave texture has a deeper wave pattern than that of the Euro Body texture.  This great weave texture comes in the twelve and fourteen inch lengths, just like the Euro Body Velvet Remi weave texture.  In addition, the Euro Deep texture also comes in a shorter, ten inch version for those people that prefer shorter hair with deep waves.  Although there could be a minor difference in the price because of individual store pricing, the Euro Deep Velvet Remi texture usually ranges in price from around fifty to one hundred dollars.  Of course, the shorter version of this Velvet Remi weave texture will always cost the least amount because it is more difficult to acquire the proper amount of longer remi human hair in order to make the twelve and fourteen inch lengths.


Most of the people that have worn the Euro Deep Velvet Remi weave texture like it because it is very comfortable, light weight, and easy to wear.  The strands of human hair are the highest quality that is available and this makes the Euro Deep Velvet Remi weave texture very soft and supple as well as lustrous and healthy.  The hair strands of the Euro Deep weave texture look, feel, and move just like your natural hair strands.  They are lustrous, soft, and flowing.  Many people will have this weave installed in order to allow their natural hair time to increase in length or recuperate from excessive harsh treatment.  The Euro Deep Velvet Remi weave helps protect their natural hair from all of the daily wear and tear as well as from the damage of natural elements such wind and sunlight.  By wearing this weave, the people have the freedom of sporting similar hair styles to those that they would normally wear with their natural hair and when the weave is removed, their natural hair will look great.


Much of the construction on the Euro Deep Velvet Remi weave texture is actually done by hand to ensure that it is done properly and with utmost care.  This allows the people that are making these fine weaves the ability to check and recheck their work as they go along.  This kind of accuracy checking is limited when other brands of hair wefts are made by machine because the machines are quicker and there is not as much time to look at each weft as it is made.

The Mirage Wave Velvet Remi Weave

For just a bit of wave, many people will decide to wear the Velvet Remi weave texture that is called Mirage Wave.  This simple wavy textured Velvet Remi weave can be found in any of your local beauty supply stores or through one of the many virtual beauty supply stores that can be found on the internet.  This weave texture comes in both the ten and twelve inch lengths as well as a variety of hair colors that make it easy to find the perfect weave for your self or someone that you know who loves to wear this type of beautiful human hair enhancement product.


The Mirage Wave Velvet Remi weave is very easy to care for and can basically be treated like your natural hair without the worry that it will be easily damaged, tangled, or worn out too quickly.  Perms, coloring, and even bleaching will not cause this wonderful weave texture to become brittle or damaged.  Heated styling tools can be used on it as well and the strands of hair will not become dried out or damaged in some other way.  Unlike some of the other brands of weaves that carry similar textures, the Velvet Remi Mirage Wave weave texture is made out of very high quality strands of remi human hair that are monitored throughout the entire growth and manufacturing process.  This guarantees that your Velvet Remi Mirage Wave weave will continue to look and feel great long after other brands of similar looking weaves have been tossed in the trash and replaced.


Due to the high quality of the strands of hair that are used to make the Mirage Wave Velvet Remi weave, it is even possible that you can reuse the hair wefts and save yourself the cost of purchasing more hair the next time that you want to wear this weave texture.  Many people will have their hair stylist gently remove their Mirage Wave Velvet Remi weave, so that it can be washed, stored, and ready to be sewn back in after their natural hair has had a chance to be unbraided, combed out, thoroughly washed and allowed a few days to breathe.  The thorough washing helps remove any buildup of oil secretions, dirt and dead skin cells that could cause unhealthy conditions for the scalp and hair follicles which could not be done as well when the Mirage Wave Velvet Remi weave was sewn in place.

The Pomona Curl Velvet Remi Weave

The Pomona Curl Velvet Remi weave is a cute, short curly looking weave texture is considered to be a look that is fun loving as well as sophisticated.  That is why it is great for any type of special occasion or simply as an everyday style.  The strong, durable strands of hair will continue to retain their soft texture throughout the time that you have one of these weaves installed.  There have been reports of people that have managed to keep their Pomona Curl Velvet Remi weave in for close to three months without it losing any of its luster or curls.  Most other brands of weaves wear out long before they can be worn even half of that amount of time.


Although excessive styling and chemical treatments can cause damage to any hair, the Pomona Curl Velvet Remi weave can withstand the average amount of heat styling including curling, straightening or blow drying.  In addition, it can be dyed, bleached or permed a reasonable number of times while it is installed without the worry of causing damage that would result in replacing this Velvet Remi weave.  Basically, this Velvet Remi weave texture can be treated as if it were your natural curly hair.  Wearing a Pomona Curl Velvet Remi is actually beneficial to your natural hair because it takes all of the wear and tear that your normal hair would be subjected to on a daily basis.  While your natural hair is braided beneath the Velvet Remi Pomona Curl weave, it is so well protected that it can easily recuperate from any damage that it has succumb to over time.  Over a twelve month period of wearing weaves, your natural hair can also grow as much as an inch.  This is great for those people that want longer natural hair or are trying to grow their hair out after a bad hair cut.


Although the initial price of a Pomona Curl Velvet Remi weave might seem higher than other brands of similar looking weave textures, your Pomona Curl will stay looking great much longer and can even be reused.  That means that you will have a better looking weave for a longer period of time and you will not have to continually purchase more packages of hair.  In reality, your Pomona Curl weave actually saves you money while it keeps you looking great.  That is a great reason to purchase one of these weaves.

The Silky Velvet Remi Weave

Aside from the Velvet Remi texture called Yaki, the one called Silky offers the most choice in lengths.  It can be found in ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen and eighteen inch lengths at local beauty supply stores and stores that can be accessed on the internet.  The Silky Velvet Remi weave is a straight texture that is, as its name implies, made from very silky feeling strands of remi human hair which is not to be confused with the slightly coarser texture of the straight hairs in the Yaki Velvet Remi weave texture.


The Silky Velvet Remi weave gives the appearance of hair that has been straightened to give a long, flowing look that is quite common in today’s society.  For those people that like to change things up a bit, the Silky Velvet Remi weave can be curled or permed in the same manner that is used on their natural hair.  In addition, if a different hair color is desired, the lighter shades of the Silky texture weave can be dyed darker and the darker shades can be bleached to a lighter color.  Some people might prefer to do these things in their own home, but it is highly recommended that a professional hair stylist be hired, especially when the bleaching is done.  If bleaching is not done very carefully, the strands of hair on the Velvet Remi Silky weave could end up being a color that was not intended and might even result in the weave needing to be removed and replaced due to a horrible color.


All of the Velvet Remi weave textures are very durable and easy to manage, but the Silky texture seems to be very popular because of how soft it feels and how versatile it can be.  It retains its soft, silky feeling through all sorts of styling because of the high quality of the strands of hair that are used in the construction.  The strands of hair are collected from only the healthiest young individuals and each strand of hair is checked to be sure that it is in perfect condition.  If the strands of hair show any sign of damage or weakness in their structure such as split ends, they will not be used to make the Velvet Remi Silky weave.  In addition, the strands of hair are kept with the cuticles aligned throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that there will not be any tangling or matting in the final product.

The Spanish Wave Velvet Remi Weave Is Great

Even though the name might make some people think that it is more of a wave, the Spanish Wave is actually a great looking curly Velvet Remi weave texture.  It comes in ten and fourteen inch lengths.  It is important to realize that the measurements of textures with lots of curl, such as the Spanish Wave Velvet Remi weave, actually represent the length of the hair if it were straight.  That means that a fourteen inch Spanish Wave is going to hang much shorter than something like the Velvet Remi weave texture called Yaki.  The reason that the hair length is given as if the hair were straight is because this hair can be easily straightened and it gives the wearer a better idea of just how long it would be if it were straightened.


Even though it is full of beautiful thick curls, the Spanish Wave Velvet Remi weave does not feel heavy when it is worn.  In fact, it is so light weight that many people claim that they easily forget that they are wearing it as they go about their day.  This is very different than the weighed down feeling that occurs when a wig with this type of curly texture is worn.  In addition, this type of weave will not cause the person’s head to feel hot and sweaty which can often happen when a wig is being worn.  Besides being very comfortable to wear, the Spanish Wave is also simple to style and maintain.  Although some other brands of curly textured weaves tend to require lots of moisturizing, this Velvet Remi weave only needs minimal moisturizing or wetting between washes.


With proper care a Spanish Wave Velvet Remi weave can remain installed and looking wonderful for a much longer time than the few weeks that a lower quality weave will last.  Due to the strength and durability of the hair that is used to make the Spanish Wave Velvet Remi weave, it can withstand being blown dry, straightened, permed, dyed, and even bleached without losing any of the luster and free flowing bounce that it had when it was removed from the packaging.  A Spanish Wave Velvet Remi weave can even be removed and reused at a later date at least once before it begins to show any sign of getting worn out.  The longer wear time and option of reuse makes this weave texture a great buy.

The Vintage Wave Velvet Remi Weave

Most vintage objects bring on a feeling of nostalgia and the Velvet Remi weave texture called the Vintage Wave is no different.  This beautiful Velvet Remi weave texture has full luxurious waves that are enticing and romantic.  It can be purchased in either a twelve or fourteen inch length as well as close to a dozen different hair colors, making it easy to find the perfect look for just about anyone.


The entire line of Velvet Remi weaves is made of only the finest strands of hair available on the market.  These hairs are very soft and flowing, yet they are also strong and durable.  One of the main reasons that these strands of human hair are so great is the fact that the people that grow them take very good care of themselves and their hair during the entire growth process which usually lasts quite a few years considering that human hair only grows about one inch every year.  Since the hair is healthy and strong while it is growing, it is in prime condition when it is collected in bundles and sent to the manufacturing company to be made into Velvet Remi weaves such as the Vintage Wave.  Once the hairs begin the process of becoming a Velvet Remi weave, each strand is examined to be sure that they are all in perfect condition.  Any hair strands that show signs of breakage, including split ends, are removed so that the final Velvet Remi weave is made of only the best strands of hair.


One of the signs of a very healthy and strong strand of hair is the condition of the cuticle, or outer layer of the hair shaft.  The cuticle is made up of overlapping sections.  Under a microscope these sections look similar to the shingles on the roof of a house.  Very healthy and strong hair strands have cuticles with the sections lying flat and smooth, but on damaged hair the cuticle sections can be missing or lifted up on the ends which will cause them to easily get caught on things such as other hair strands and cause tangles to form.  Due to the fact that the hairs used to make the Vintage Wave and other Velvet Remi weaves have perfect cuticles, the wearers of these weaves do not have to worry about constantly needing to detangle the strands of hair.  In addition, the Vintage Wave and other Velvet Remi weaves are not prone to shedding because of the utmost care that goes into the process of making each one.

The Yaki Velvet Remi Weave

For those people that prefer a weave that gives them a long, straight hair style, there is the Velvet Remi weave texture called Yaki.  Of all of the Velvet Remi weave textures, this one is offered in the largest variety of lengths which includes ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen and twenty inches.  Along with the great selection of lengths, this Velvet Remi weave texture also comes in close to a dozen different hair colors that include black, strawberry blond and dark auburn chestnut brown, making it one of the easiest straight weaves to wear for people with just about any skin tone.


The Velvet Remi Yaki textured weaves should not be confused with the Silky textured weaves.  The Yaki textured weaves are not silky feeling like Asian hair and, when examined more closely, it is easy to see that the strands of the Yaki Velvet Remi weave hair are actually slightly kinked and more closely resemble natural yaki hair that has been straightened.  Wearing a Yaki textured Velvet Remi weave allows the person to have a straighter looking hair style without constantly subjecting their natural hair to the heat of styling tools and causing damage such as drying it out and causing it to break off.


Many wearers of the Yaki textures Velvet Remi weaves love the fact that it is very soft and has a lot of sheen just like very healthy natural hair.  This allows them to have beautiful long hair while their own natural hair is protected from daily maintenance and possible damage from natural elements such as excessive sunlight.  While their natural hair is protected, it can grow longer and even recuperate from any previous damage that might have been caused by lots of styling with heat or hair products as well as exposure to natural elements.


The Yaki Velvet Remi weaves are very versatile in how they can be styled and worn.  Since they are made entirely from human hair that was in excellent condition when it was collected, these weaves can easily withstand being styled with heated tools as well as being permed, dyed, or even bleached.  These weaves can be worn with all of the hair down and flowing or they can be pulled up into any number of stylish buns, braids, or elegant up dos.  Although they are beautiful as they are, some people will even have their hair stylist add a little personal style by cutting some of the hair to give bangs or feathers to compliment the shape of their face and their natural features.

Velvet Remi Human Hair Weave Textures

Buying the perfect weave texture is easy with Velvet Remi weaves.  There are close to a dozen texture choices from very curly to extremely straight and they can be found at neighborhood beauty supply stores or through the virtual stores on the internet.  With prices ranging from around fifty dollars to close to one hundred and fifty dollars, depending mainly on the length of the hair, there is a Velvet Remi weave texture that will fit into just about anyone’s budget.


For those people that are looking for a straight weave texture, Velvet Remi has two choices of weaves available and they are called Yaki and Silky.  Although these two textures might look very similar from afar, the Yaki texture more closely resembles naturally yaki hair that has been straightened and when closely examined the hair strands have a slightly kinked texture.  In contrast, the Silky texture Velvet Remi weave is more like the texture of natural Asian hair which is very silky.  Both of these textures come in a variety of lengths ranging from a short ten inch weave to either an eighteen or twenty inch length, depending on which texture is chosen.


The curliest textures of Velvet Remi weaves are the Pomona Curl, the Abella Wave, the Divine Wave, and the Spanish Wave.  Even though the latter three textures are called waves, they all have curls that are quite deep and full so they have been included in this category.  The Pomona Curl, Abella Wave and Spanish Wave are offered in a ten inch length which looks great with the abundance of curls.  In addition, the Spanish Wave texture also comes in a fourteen inch length.  The Divine Wave is the longest curly looking texture and is offered in a beautiful looking fourteen inch length.  Of these four textures, the hairs of the Pomona Curl are curled the tightest and the Divine Wave has the loosest curls.


Most of the Velvet Remi weave textures fall somewhere in between the straight and curly textures that are mentioned above.  To make classifying them easier, they are all listed here as wavy body textures.  The Euro Body, the Mirage Wave, the Vintage Wave and the Euro Deep Wave textures offer a softer looking texture than deep curls without going to the extreme of being bone straight.  Of these Velvet Remi weave textures, the Euro Deep has the most body and the Euro Body is the closest to a straight looking weave texture.


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