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The Mirage Wave Velvet Remi Weave

For just a bit of wave, many people will decide to wear the Velvet Remi weave texture that is called Mirage Wave.  This simple wavy textured Velvet Remi weave can be found in any of your local beauty supply stores or through one of the many virtual beauty supply stores that can be found on the internet.  This weave texture comes in both the ten and twelve inch lengths as well as a variety of hair colors that make it easy to find the perfect weave for your self or someone that you know who loves to wear this type of beautiful human hair enhancement product.


The Mirage Wave Velvet Remi weave is very easy to care for and can basically be treated like your natural hair without the worry that it will be easily damaged, tangled, or worn out too quickly.  Perms, coloring, and even bleaching will not cause this wonderful weave texture to become brittle or damaged.  Heated styling tools can be used on it as well and the strands of hair will not become dried out or damaged in some other way.  Unlike some of the other brands of weaves that carry similar textures, the Velvet Remi Mirage Wave weave texture is made out of very high quality strands of remi human hair that are monitored throughout the entire growth and manufacturing process.  This guarantees that your Velvet Remi Mirage Wave weave will continue to look and feel great long after other brands of similar looking weaves have been tossed in the trash and replaced.


Due to the high quality of the strands of hair that are used to make the Mirage Wave Velvet Remi weave, it is even possible that you can reuse the hair wefts and save yourself the cost of purchasing more hair the next time that you want to wear this weave texture.  Many people will have their hair stylist gently remove their Mirage Wave Velvet Remi weave, so that it can be washed, stored, and ready to be sewn back in after their natural hair has had a chance to be unbraided, combed out, thoroughly washed and allowed a few days to breathe.  The thorough washing helps remove any buildup of oil secretions, dirt and dead skin cells that could cause unhealthy conditions for the scalp and hair follicles which could not be done as well when the Mirage Wave Velvet Remi weave was sewn in place.


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